Mirages and Speculations

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Is the glimmer on the horizon a lake, shimmering under the hot desert sun… or a flying saucer visiting from a distant planet? Are those swirling clouds dust devils or djinn? In Mirages and Speculations, seventeen authors of science fiction and fantasy take you on journeys to high mountain deserts, scorching sands, and wind-swept plateaus. Their stories will make you laugh and make you cry, as you visit worlds both futuristic and fantastic, the products of imaginations baked under desert skies until only mirages and speculations remain.

Featuring stories by:
Annie Reed
David (D.J.) Butler
David J. West
Diann T. Read
Gama Ray Martinez
Jay Barnson
Johnny Worthen
Julia H. West
Julie Frost
Leigh Saunders
M. Shayne Bell
Mary Pletsch
Melva Gifford
Paul Genesse
Susan J. Kroupa
Virginia Ellen Baker
Voss Foster

Mirages and Speculations is distributed through BundleRabbit, and is available in both paper and ebook formats through Amazon, and in electronic format through Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and the iBooks store.