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Praise for Camden Park Press authors

Praise for Leigh Saunders

In science fiction, if you don’t write with “velocity,” [the reader] move[s] on to other things. … A taste of the typical quickness of the prose and the ability to hook a reader early can be seen in the opening paragraph of [Leigh Saunders] story Rumors of My Death

     I was sitting in my usual booth at my favorite diner, casually reading the Deseret News, while I sipped my sugar-free, imitation, orange-flavored breakfast drink, when I spied a picture of myself on page B5. Not the kind of guy to look a gift horse in the mouth, I decided to see what The News had to say about me this time.
     They said I was dead.

 –Jerry Johnston
Staff Writer, Deseret News (Salt Lake City, UT)


“…Saunders makes her far-future worlds as real and accessible as a book set in the here and now, never letting the action lag as Brianna faces hard choices that require all of her considerable resources to survive…”

–Susan J. Hidley
(Amazon reader review of In The Pale Light of Firstdawn)


Praise for Lauryn Christopher

“…well-written, in Meg’s brilliant, scheming voice, as she thinks and acts her way through one surprising quandary after another. Grab yourself a copy of Conflict of Interest, and your only disappointment will be having to wait for Meg’s next adventure….”

 –Gerald M. Weinberg
(Smashwords reader review of Conflict of Interest)


“…a fast-paced read with plenty of twists and surprises. Lauryn Christopher has a natural voice, giving heart to a character that would be otherwise unsympathetic. And, like many other bestseller-quality entertainment, Christopher gives us an insider’s look at a world few of us would venture into ourselves. Not many of us would want to live there — but Christopher certainly does make it a great place to visit.”

(Amazon reader review of Conflict of Interest)