Life’s Little Mysteries

It’s spring-cleaning time (yeah, I’ve been putting it off for as long as possible), and I am once again amazed at the places in my house that manage to accumulate cat hair when I’m not looking.

Like the top of the fan blades.

It was warm over the weekend, which prompted me to turn on the ceiling fan (it’s still too early to turn on the A/C). And as the blades slowly began to turn, a thin film of dust and unmistakable wisps of cat hair began to float down on the gentle breeze. Yech!

I forget that dust settles on the fan blades during the winter. They’re up over my head and not on my weekly dusting routine (out of sight [overhead], out of mind). And every spring I find myself wondering how the cat hair – which I’m used to vacuuming off the couch and the carpet and every other horizontal surface in the house – manages to find its way up onto the fan blades.

It’s one of life’s little mysteries…meow.

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