Lemonade and Larceny

Fiction River: Editor's Choice

Fiction River: Editor’s Choice

I am so excited to announce my first cozy short story!

When a silly law forbids Effie Birmingham from practicing her trade as a psychic, she feels obliged to break it…!

Lemonade and Larceny, is a lighthearted, cozy caper, set in 1950s Huntington, West Virginia. It was such a fun story to write – and I’m truly excited that it’s finally available for you to read!

Fiction River: Editor’s Choice is an eclectic collection of stories from multiple genres. I’m proud to be a part of it.

You can pick up a copy in ebook for Kobo, Nook, or Kindle, from other retailers here, or in Paperback.
(Tip – if you buy the paperback version, it comes with a coupon code you can use to get a free Kobo copy – so you can have a beautiful version for your shelves and one to read on your free Kobo phone app. What a deal!)

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