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Lies we tell ourselves

The novelette, With Friends Like These, is what I would call a complicated story. Not so much in the plotline, which is fairly straightforward, as in the subtext – the emotional wringer that Meg is being squeezed through as events push … Continue reading

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Planning for printing

A few people have asked if I’m planning to make a print (paper) version of my crime novel, Conflict of Interest available. The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Yes, as soon as I’ve sold enough of the ebook copies … Continue reading

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A bit of fun

My husband and I randomly happened to pick up “Wild Target” from Blockbuster yesterday – not sure why (the cover image caught my attention, the blurb hooked me…sound familiar?) The movie is based on the 1993 French film Cible Emouvante (which … Continue reading

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Life’s Little Mysteries

It’s spring-cleaning time (yeah, I’ve been putting it off for as long as possible), and I am once again amazed at the places in my house that manage to accumulate cat hair when I’m not looking. Like the top of … Continue reading

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On the job…

I got a little package in the mail today, and wanted to share it with you. Yup, you guessed it – it’s my new business cards, with the cover of my novel, Conflict of Interest right there in full color! … Continue reading

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The game is afoot…

(What would a mystery writer’s blog be without a quote from the master-sleuth himself?) Hi, I’m Lauryn Christopher, writer of mysteries, mischief, and a little mayhem. If you like kick-ass heroines, regardless of which side of the law they’re on, … Continue reading

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