Side Dish of Death

Dinner parties growing a little too routine? Try livening-up the evening with a Side Dish of Death, a series of interactive, dinner-party mysteries, for 8, 10, or 12 players.

First up on the menu? A taste of Chicago, in the Prohibition days…

Side Dish of Death: Whaddya Mean 'Honor Among Thieves'..?Whaddya Mean ‘Honor Among Thieves’..?

Chicago – Spring, 1921: Prohibition is still in its early years, but in Chicago business is booming – primarily under the control of three dominant gangs:  the Americans, led by banker George “Bugs” Moran; the Irish, led by florist Dion O’Bannion; and the Italians, led until recently by Ricardo Cappelli.

It is Cappelli’s death that has gathered representatives of the three factions to meet tonight. In the hopes that the issue of succession can be resolved peacefully, you are meeting at Bentley’s, a private, neutral speakeasy, not controlled by any of the three groups. In addition, a representative from the Philadelphia gangs is in attendance. This representative, together with your hostess, will act as moderators during tonight’s negotiations. As “neutral parties,” they will decide which gang has proven themselves to be the strongest, and has earned the right to take over all or part of the Cappelli territory…

Available in PDF format (for easy printing and sharing with dinner guests) on Smashwords for 8 players, 10 players, or 12 players. $2.99

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