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“Conflict of Interest” in “All Mystery! enewsletter”

All Mystery! enewsletterWe’re pleased to announce that Camden Park Press author Lauryn Christopher’s suspense novel “Conflict of Interest” has been selected as one of the featured titles in the August 2011 issue of the All Mystery! enewsletter.

Conflict of Interest,” which is receiving four- and five-star reviews on all electronic venues, is the first in Lauryn Christopher’s “Hit Lady for Hire” collection, which also includes the novelette, “With Friends Like These,” and an upcoming novella, “Pro Bono” (currently in progress). As mystery author Patricia K. Batta wrote in a review on

“Suspend your disbelief and get ready for a ride. With astonishing detail, Lauryn Christopher lays out an escalating series of events that shake assassin Megan Harris from her normally unshakable confidence….”

We here at Camden Park Press hope that you – like us – enjoy Lauryn Christopher’s work, and – like us – are anxiously awaiting her next title.

Conflict of Interest

Camden Park Press is pleased to announce the ebook release of Lauryn Christopher’s new novel Conflict of Interest — a story of a professional assassin with a problem. Now, we all have work-related issues, but when Meg Harrison (the lead character from Lauryn’s novelette, With Friends Like These) has a work-related issue, someone usually ends up dead…

Conflict of Interest, a novel by Lauryn ChristopherConflict of Interest

It’s a bad idea to piss off a professional assassin, and Meg Harrison — corporate spy and sometimes assassin — is definitely pissed off.

Not only has a new, and very irritating, client hired her to kill her own sister, but to top it all off, Meg didn’t even know she *had* a sister. For Meg, this is a contract that hits a little too close to home.

Available on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and the iBookstore. $4.99