Author Services

If you’re looking for a freelance editor to line-edit or proofread your manuscript before you publish it as an ebook or print-on-demand book, you’ve come to the right place.

Our editor, Lyn Worthen, a professional writer and editor with credentials in both fiction and non-fiction, isn’t busy enough! If you’re an indie author with a manuscript you feel is ready-for-prime-time, but could benefit from an editorial pass — or if you’d just like another pair of impartial eyes to help catch those sneaky errors (like typos and misspellings) that may have eluded you — Lyn is here to assist.

For more information about scheduling an editing window for your manuscript, please visit the Editing Schedule page.

Editing Rates

We want to keep the rates affordable and easy to calculate:

$.02 per word

We ask that you pay 1/2 of the fee when you submit the manuscript, and the other half on receipt of the edited document. We accept payment by PayPal, and will provide information regarding how to make payment when you schedule your edit.

Editing Services

What do you get for this fee?

  • Proofreading for basic grammar, spelling, typos, and punctuation
  • Line-edit comments for issues that catch the editor’s attention (i.e., formatting problems, POV shifts, consistency issues [the character had a dog as a pet in the early chapters and now refers to a cat, with no story point regarding the change in pet], etc.)
  • Quick turn-around. Most manuscripts can be edited and returned within two weeks (often less).
  • Discussion via e-mail of any issues in the manuscript that arose during the editing process

Please submit your manuscript as a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file, using proper manuscript format (1″ margins, double-spaced, 12-13 pt font). Changes and comments will be noted directly in the manuscript, using Word’s “Track Changes” feature.

To contact the editor

If you have questions not answered above, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can contact the editor directly by sending an email to:

editor @

Camden Park Press


Editing is an art, not a science. It is possible that, despite all best efforts, a stray typo or misspelling may slip past the Editor’s notice; should this occur, we apologize in advance. 

After the manuscript has been edited, and the author has made the corrections they felt best served the book, we strongly encourage all of our authors to have their final manuscript proofread before submitting it to a market or self-publishing it – preferably by someone who has not previously read the book (or who hasn’t seen a copy of the manuscript in a while). While this isn’t the time to be making major changes to the book, it is extremely common to inadvertently introduce new errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar while incorporating the edits. It would be a shame if you went to the effort of having your manuscript edited only to have it go out with an entirely different set of errors! Beta-readers are an excellent resource for this proofreading pass – especially when encouraged with their snack of choice (chocolate is often recommended).  

Finally, while the goal of the editing process is to help authors present their work in its best possible form to the reading public, neither the Editor nor Camden Park Press make any guarantees as to the future sales, reviews, or ultimate success of any of our authors’ work. We do wish all of our authors the very best in their artistic endeavors, and hope that, if pleased with the Editor’s work, they will refer other authors to our services.