Just Another Day in Suburbia

Things haven’t been the same since Masaman the Troll bought the old fixer-upper on Oak Tree Lane — and how could they be? He’s got a Zombie overseeing renovations, a Dwarf and a Goblin join him (and the Zombie) for their weekly Poker Night, and there’s at least one person who wants them all to go back to living under a bridge somewhere.

That’s right, we’re talking about characters from Elizabeth Ann Pierce’s new novel, Just Another Day in Suburbia — and we’re absolutely delighted to be introducing them to you!

Just Another Day in Suburbia - a novel by Elizabeth Ann PierceJust Another Day in Suburbia

Forest Glen, Pennsylvania. A peaceful suburban neighborhood where nothing unusual ever happened — until the day Masaman the Troll moved out from under his bridge and bought the old fixer-upper on Oak Tree Lane.

Now Goblins swarm the neighbor’s front porch and kitchen windowsill in search of freshly baked pies and cookies; a cat-food eating Zombie canvasses the residents, looking for landscaping and interior decorating opportunities; and a Dwarf takes time out from Poker Night to investigate the rash of burglaries that suddenly plague the neighborhood.

And the Neighborhood Watch has no idea who it should be watching.

Available on Kindle, Nook, XinXiiSmashwords, and the iBookstore. $4.99