A Pair of Ghostly Stories…

Camden Park Press author Leigh Saunders dips a toe in the e-book waters with two ghost stories, just in time for Halloween.

Ghost Writer, a short story by Leigh SaundersGhost Writer

Thomas Browne is a writer with a problem — not writer’s block; that would be easy.
In fact, if he could just stop writing, it might save his life…

Available on KindleNook, and Smashwords. $.99


Rumors of My Death, a short story by Leigh SaundersRumors of My Death

Kim Taylor found it mildly amusing when the morning news reported his untimely death in an aircar accident on the Bonneville Salt Flats — obviously, someone had really screwed up this time.

But with his cell phone disconnected, credit cards revoked, parking space usurped, and burial urn on display, Kim begins to think there’s more to the news report than just an elaborate practical joke.

Available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. $.99

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